Think Inside the Box: Gain an Edge with Autosuggest-Optimization Marketing


By leveraging Autosuggest-Optimization marketing, you can execute a smart tactic to outmaneuver your competitors. By optimizing your search box, you can gain an edge that will prove invaluable. Surprisingly, thinking "inside-the-box" in this context can give you the competitive edge you're looking for.


Autosuggest-Optimization gets results

Until now, in order to stay competitive, you had to optimize your website to rank on the top of page 1 using SEO tactics and pay for each click in a pay-per-click campaign to attract customers. However, with the latest advancements, you can outsmart your competitors, do away with pay-per-click, and completely dominate the organic search results.

We refer to this strategy as Search Box Optimization (SBO).

With our Autosuggest-Optimization program, we utilize SBO to position your company name where everyone looks: the search box. This is where people type in their queries, and through our program, your company will appear in the auto-suggestions box of search engines. It will seem as though people are recommending your brand or that your company holds the most authority in that field. This approach encourages people to choose your company over others. After all, if Google or Bing suggests your business, why not follow their recommendation? This is an example of thinking "inside the box" with Search Box Optimization.

Capture the entire page

You've built an impressive business. Now let us help you reach your target customers by putting you in front of them.

You have put in a lot of effort to establish your business.

It's frustrating to see new companies with less industry experience surpassing your business simply because they have a better online presence. Being tech-savvy doesn't always equate to serving customers better. We've seen businesses that have been around for decades losing ground to newer competitors who dominate the online market. However, with Autosuggest-Optimization, you can reclaim your rightful position.


Our program puts your company name in front of every customer searching for your product or service. With Autosuggest-Optimization, your brand will be prominently displayed in front of people's eyes during their search, helping you move back into first place where you belong.


Search engines provide suggestions to users about where they should go.

America shops on the first page.

It's widely recognized that very few people go beyond the first page of search results. Typically, if a consumer doesn't find what they're looking for on the first page, they'll modify their search terms and try again.


With Autosuggest-Optimization, your brand can appear in the suggestion box provided by Google and Bing. When customers search for your product or service, your company name will be suggested by the search engine. This gives the consumer the confidence they need to make a purchase from your company.

If you're unsure which keywords to use, we will help.

You may already know which keyword phrases bring in customers most of the time, but sometimes you may not be certain about the best ones to use. In such cases, we can assist you. Our team of experts will collaborate with you to identify the most effective keywords for your industry.


Our aim is to establish a long-term relationship with you, which begins with ensuring that you use keyword phrases that attract new customers.


Once you order Autosuggest-Optimization, our team will examine the keyword phrases you provide, and we will contact you if we identify any additional keyword phrases that we believe you should consider. Our keyword research is based on the following factors:


- Monthly search volume
- Keyword competitiveness
- Pay-per-click bid costs
- Searches related to buyers versus researchers
- Urgent need phrases