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Who is Zipfy Marketing LLC ?

We specilaize in helping businesses to appear in Google and Bing's autosuggestions. This gives you a significant advantage over your competition by ensuring that your customers see your company first, even before they have a chance to see your competitors. By identifying and targeting the most effective keyword phrases in your industry, Zipfy Marketing LLC can help you establish a dominant online presence.


According to Google, around 71% of searches utilize the autocomplete feature.

And ...that is where you will be with exclusive rights to your search terms just like the companies below:

We get the results.

'Inside' the box thinking.

Many companies invest large amounts of money into SEO and Pay-Per-Click campaigns. However, with Zipfy Marketing LLC, you can take advantage of the autosuggest feature in Google and Bing to ensure that your customers see your company before anyone else. When we optimize the serach box for your business, you can establish a strong online presence without the need for costly campaigns.

The key to success.

By appearing in the autosuggest feature, you can bypass your competition and gain ownership of the entire first page of search results (read that again). This gives you a significant advantage in attracting more customers to your business and establishing a dominant online presence.

Take a look at the video for more insights.


You can save money on expensive pay-per-click campaigns and SEO.  You will own the entire first page of search results.

Competitive leverage

When you select a keyword phrase, it puts you in front of your competition. So, whenever someone searches for that phrase, they will see you first, giving you an advantage over others.

Reserved access

When you choose a keyword phrase, you'll have exclusivity - meaning you'll be the only company listed for that specific phrase. We never sell the same phrase to another company, so you can be confident that your business will have a unique advantage in the marketplace.

Don't delay selecting your keyword phrase, as once it's taken by your competitors, it's gone. Act fast to secure the phrase that will give you a competitive advantage.

  • Choose the most effective keyword phrases that your customers use to search for your business.

  • Your business will appear every time someone searches for your selected keyword phrase on Google and Bing.

  • Cut costs on your pay-per-click campaign by enabling your customers to find your business directly.

  • Increase your online authority by encouraging customers to search for your business by name.

  • Our Autosuggestion-Optimization service offers a quick and efficient process that can bring in new customers for your business in 45 days or less.

Attract more customers.
Affordably and effectively.

Make sure your business is always visible to your customers by being featured in every search they make.

Our marketing platform is unique and exclusive, which means none of your competitors will have it if you act today. By being the first company that customers see when searching for your product or service, you'll gain a significant advantage in the market.

  • Acquire new customers and outshine your competition.

  • Ensure your business is visible to every customer searching for you on Google and Bing.

  • Affordable programs that cater to your budget requirements.

  • Ongoing support and monthly reporting for your convenience.

  • Optimized for all computer platforms and mobile devices.

Appear on the first page of search results.

Our goal is to secure exclusive exposure for your business by occupying the entire first page of search results with only your company's information.

One-of-a-kind Technology.

Our technology is unique and provides a competitive advantage that sets us apart from others in the market. No one else offers this technology quite like we do.

We make it simple.

By helping you select the best keyword phrases for your business through our FREE keyword research, and once you have made your choice, we'll take care of everything else.

Global Market.

Even if you're targeting customers only in your city, our service can help you reach a wider audience. When someone searches for your relevant keyword phrase, they can find you from anywhere in the world, not just in your local area.

Mobile first.

Our technology is designed to function seamlessly on all types of mobile devices. This means that your customers can easily find you from their computer, tablet, or phone, without any hassle.


Our pricing is cost-effective and enables you to gain a competitive advantage over your rivals without breaking the bank.

Starting with us is a breeze.

Our service is designed to be user-friendly and budget-friendly, so that everyone can attract more customers to their business. Additionally, we guarantee that the keyword phrases you purchase from us will never be sold to anyone else, giving you exclusive ownership and preventing your competitors from using them.

Not sure yet?

Question:  Do I need to keep paying while waiting for my business to appear in autosuggest?

Answer:  No, you only need to make the initial payment and will not be charged again until one of your keywords appears in auto-complete.


Question:  Will my business appear on mobile searches?

Answer:  Yes, your business will show up on all devices when searched on Google and Bing.


Question:  How long will it take for my business to appear in autosuggest?

Answer:  You can typically expect to see your business in Bing within 45-60 days and in Google within 75-120 days.

Local and national

Our marketing services cater to both local and national companies.

Local Marketing Program

If you're a local company seeking to outperform your competitors, our local Autosuggest-Optimization service can assist you. We specialize in placing your business in front of potential customers who are searching for your specific areas of expertise at the very moment. We'll help you implement a program that targets the most relevant and effective keyword phrases used by your customers to locate your local business.

National Marketing Program

If your company has nationwide offices or sells services to potential clients on a national level, our national Autosuggest-Optimization marketing service can help you reach thousands of potential customers every month. We work with you to custom design a marketing program that will attract new business and give you a competitive edge in your industry.

We can deliver the results you're looking for.

We offer exclusive support to all our clients.

We'll provide you with regular progress reports on your campaign. You'll be notified every time your chosen keyword appears on Google or Bing, giving you ample time to prepare for new customers.

Our process is simple and straightforward.

We make it easy for you. Simply let us know which keyword phrases your potential customers are using to find you online, and we'll ensure that your company appears in front of all those customers.

Here's what our clients are saying:

We saw the results.  When our customers search for adoption services in Canada, our name shows in the auto-suggest, and customers are using this to find us.  The Autocomplete-Optimization program works great.

- Mr. Brown
Canada Adoption

We opted to get as many keyword phrases as possible so we could own the search market.  We are extremely happy.  They deliver the results they promise.

- Mr. Jesse
Dallas Mortgages

Take the first step today and own the keyword phrases where your customers find your business first.